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With the end of the school year just around the corner the students from the ESO have been working on their final English projects. This past week has been full to the brim with exciting presentations of the students work –showcasing their creative talents to the teachers and their classmates – all while speaking in English!

Martes, 17 Mayo 2016 11:56

All year round. Activities in Infantil

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Miércoles, 11 Mayo 2016 20:03

Technology Projects 2

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 Hello from the Technology class!

These past few months have been very busy in the computer lab for the students. We have been continuing our hands-on learning through the use of several different programs and websites. To say these students have mastered it would be an understatement! In total, we have completed five different practices which have used five different learning tools. 

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In cooperation with the English classes, we have joined the forces to do a project on the computer about friendship in which students have gathered information about a classmate and made an online "poster". Not only have the students learned how to use the accompanying website, they have also learned the legality and rights of using images on the internet. 
To further their knowledge of information technology and the course itself, students completed a project in which they created an online timeline of technological events. Through extensive research and brainstorming, students put together this timeline with their partner to organize the historical events. Once they knew the importance of what they were learning, they searched for and organized information about the next unit in an online presentation. To complete the task, they were asked to be the teachers (in pairs)  and taught their classmates the necesssary information for the upcoming exam! They were naturals in the teacher role! Some of them even went to 6th of Primary to show their presentations to other students!
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It has been very useful to combine our knowledge and skills in the computer lab with what is being learned in other classes as well, specifically with our language class. Using a different program online, students created an online poster about famous, historical terror stories in literature. Incorportating images, information and graphics, the posters were both attractive and informative for someone who may want some basic knowledge about what they are reading!
To wrap it all up, each student has created a blog. We wanted the students to have the opportunity to share with you what they are doing in class and keep all of their projects in one spot for future reference! The blog has given them the opportunity to review the importance of each project, what they have learned, and also give us feedback about future activities and preferences in the classroom. The blog is the voice of these students in the technology class! We hope that you will have the opportunity to have a look at their hard work and what they are doing with us in class-check out these blogs!
You can check them out here:
Teresa C.                      Alfonso V.                Javier B.                        Diego S.
Daniel S.                       Mar
Miércoles, 11 Mayo 2016 14:19


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