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Lunes, 06 Febrero 2017 23:58

OUR FIRST TERM PROJECTS (2nd & 4th of ESO) Destacado

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Headlight clue blog 1

                           The 2nd and 4th of ESO incorporated several different English skills to turn  real life into a mystery with their Clue games.

Captura clue 2


We all enjoyed hearing their different game plots, seeing their diverse casts and watching some creative videos along the way. 


captura clue 3

This project was an interactive learning masterpiece!

captura clue 4


Lunes, 06 Febrero 2017 21:58


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Food from around the world proved to be a major success with students from 1st and 3rd ESO.

captura food blog 1

 Groups worked on their speaking, listening, writing and creative skills to teach the classes about well known recipes worldwide!

Each class brought a different culture and cuisine to life!

Captura food blog 2




Lunes, 23 Enero 2017 19:23

1st Term of Technology 3º ESO Destacado

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We are back from the long break of Christmas holidays and students of 3ªESO are happy to share with you all the things that have happened in Technology class from the beginning of the scholar year.

During the whole year we are going to be immersed in the Maker Movement and solve real life problems. We think that learning by doing things with our hands is fun, even more when we can use new technology tools. That is why we combine theory lessons with practice lessons at the Computer’s Lab and the Technology Workshop.

Our first task was "The marshmallow challenge". While we were trying to build a freestanding structure, with some specific materials and time constrains, we learnt about the importance of planning and teamwork.

foto1   foto2

We have practiced content curation and we have created a list of resources related to the Maker Movement that we are going to use during the year.

Also we have learnt about Project Planning, working on a project called "Dare to dream your class".  The project has covered the generation of an idea, the design of an object, its construction and the public presentation of the object where students enjoyed creating a commercial.  

These are some of the first ideas:




Padlet 1

Padlet 2

During the development of the design we have understood that is necessary to draw an object using common rules that everybody can understand so we have learnt orthographic projection.  These are some drawings of the design process:

foto5                foto6

 And here you can see some of the final results and some group commercials:

foto7   foto8


At the end of the term we have introduced the second term project in which we are going to use the 3D printer which the school has bought.


Are you excited to know what we'll make with it? Don't miss our next post! We'll show it to you!!




Jueves, 19 Enero 2017 16:21

2nd Term English Project ( ESO)

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Dear parents and students,


It's been a few weeks since our last post, but January has come and gone in a flash!

The first few weeks back from Christmas break are full of new projects and lots of new plans for the upcoming term. We are tackling a lot of new topics and we are very excited to share with you!

We will be doing a project about friendship in 2nd/4th ESO where we will be creating a friendship journal with a class partner. We want you to get to know one of your peers and build new friendships. We will be playing some new games to learn some new vocabulary about friendships and relationships too!

captura friendship buena

                                                                                                DEADLINE 2nd of ESO: February 28th

                                                                                                DEADLINE 4th of ESO: March 3rd 

In 1st/3rd ESO we are investigating schools around the world. How does Spain compare in education to the rest of the world? What do international schools look like and function like? 


blog school 3


We are looking forward to the activities we have planned for this semester. Like always, we will be incorporating a lot of hands-on projects in the classroom and using a lot of classes to take advantage of speaking in English with our native language assistants.

As February is coming, let's buckle down and continue to work hard. Before we know, we will be celebrating Easter Break!


Thanks for your enthusiasm in class and cooperation with the English department! We appreciate you!


                                                                                           The English Department



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