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Rocío Pendás

Rocío Pendás

Miércoles, 10 Octubre 2018 08:59

2nd & 4th ESO THIRD TERM PROJECTS (2018-19)


Although a bit delayed, we want to share with you our projects from the previous course.

IMG 9279

We’ve had a lot of fun working on and presenting our final projects in 2nd and 4th eso. 


IMG 9275

In 2nd eso, we have been sharing Friendship journals. These have proven to be an entertaining way for classmates to get to know one another.  From seeing childhood photos to hearing some interesting facts and stories, we have been lucky enough to learn a little bit more about each and every student and what makes them tick! We are very pleased with how the journals turned out. Each student took great care when creating their journals and it shows! Everyone has walked away with an amazing journal about their lives.
IMG 9281 
IMG 9273 
IMG 9276
IMG 9283
IMG 9277
IMG 9280
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In 4th eso, we’ve finished up our Hot Hits presentations which was a project all about music. Students worked this term to analyze a song and really do some digging to find out the meaning behind it. We have learned so much about music and the reasons that the song writers have written them. It has been very surprising to learn that many pop songs that seem so simple and fun to sing along with have a much deeper meaning. Along with this, students prepared a list of songs that represented them as a group. It has been very cool to get to know everyone a little bit more through their musical tastes, as well as get some new song recommendations!
IMG 9287 2
IMG 9286
Lunes, 02 Abril 2018 11:06



And just like that 2nd term has come and gone! In technology class, we have been working on a super cool PBL project related to 3D printing. That wasn't completely new for us because in October we had gone to visit the exhibition "3D printing the world" (Espacio Fundación Telefónica).

Screen Shot 2018 04 02 at 13.05.06Screen Shot 2018 04 02 at 13.03.48


              At the beginning of the term, we were visited by a group of preschool students who presented us with toys that had been broken. The students asked us if we could doctor the toys and make them better, so they could be played with again.

            Before we could get to work on printing out new parts, we had to learn about 3D design and 3D printing. We learned about the printing process, starting with the design and finishing with post-production, the parts of the printer, as well as the different types of filaments we can use for 3D printing.

            Armed with this knowledge, we measured our toys and modeled our ideas for new parts using clay. Once we had sketched our designs, we moved to the computer room. Here we created the 3D designs to be printed using the online application, Tinkercad.

Screen Shot 2018 04 02 at 13.18.44


            This term has been challenging, but students have really familiarized themselves with 3D printing and gotten a good grasp on Tinkercad. This has also been a fantastic opportunity for students to show off their creativity. We have come up with some really great ideas and we can´t wait to print them out and show them off. Check back soon to see the final products!!

Screen Shot 2018 04 02 at 13.23.28


Lunes, 02 Abril 2018 10:42



Wow! First term in technology was a great one! 

We did all kinds of things to get educated on the technological process. For starters- we did 'The Marshmallow Challenge', an activity in which students had only 3 materials (spaghetti noodles, string, and tape) to use in order to build the tallest possible free standing structure. Through this activity, students learned the importance of planning, as well as, the necessity of creating a good prototype.


Screen Shot 2018 04 02 at 12.48.17


We then took this idea, along with our knowledge of the technological process to start our first project of the year. The project was presented as PBL (Problem base learning) where we had to design a device to prevent water damage or protect a tablet from water damage.

Students had to create a device, but had several constraints to work around including being environmentally friendly and a firm deadline. Once students had their ideas, it was off to the drawing board! First they did a sketch of their product, followed by a technical drawing. We then moved to the technology workshop where students were able to actually create their products.

Perhaps, the most fun part of the projects was when the students had to become sales men and women and pitch their product to the class! Students got into the occasions and did this in the style of a commercial.

Screen Shot 2018 04 02 at 12.40.18 

It was a great term of hands on learning and we're excited to continue learning this way. During the 2nd term we will be working on a project using the school's 3D printer!





And just like that, the 3rd term is upon us! This term we´ve got some really cool projects coming up.

In 2nd eso, students will be getting to know each other better through the creation of friendship journals. 
Screen Shot 2018 03 20 at 20.34.14
In 4th of ESO, we are doing HOT HITS!, where students will get to show off their creativity by finding a deeper meaning to a song of their choice and bringing music to the classroom!
Screen Shot 2018 03 20 at 21.59.44


Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 16.38.59 

Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 16.27.52

In 4th eso, students have just finished up presenting their campaigns against bullying.

Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 16.24.12



Students really took the project seriously and showed off their creativity with these campaigns.

Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 16.25.57

Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 16.30.21


We have seen some truly incredible posters, clever slogans, and informative video campaigns! This has been an excellent experience for us to learn to recognize the signs of bullying as well as what we can do to stop it.

Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 16.34.11

Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 16.32.31

Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 16.35.32





Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 14.46.09


We have just about wrapped up our 2nd term project presentations.

After chosing a scene from a film or series in English, learning the lines and shooting a video, 2nd eso has debuted their short films and just in time for the Oscars!


 Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 14.50.14

We´ve seen everything from the songs and dances from Grease to cups of coffee at the Central Perk in Friends. 


Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 14.52.50

It is clear that students put a lot of hardwork into making these videos and we´ve had an absolute blast screening them. We´ve got a lot of talented directors and actors in 2nd eso, folks!


Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 14.56.00



Lunes, 19 Marzo 2018 10:04


Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 08.42.51

4th eso has returned from the annual ski trip, and boy was it fun!

The trip began when students, accompanied by Javier and Rocio, all piled onto a bus and journeyed to the mountains for 3 days filled with skiing.

Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 08.46.55


The trip couldn’t have gone any better! The weather conditions were perfect for skiing- not a cloud in the sky, not too cold, and the snow on the ground was perfect. Experienced students tore up the mountain with Rocio and Javier while students who were beginners tackled the basics with an awesome ski instructor. By the end of the trip everyone was shredding the slopes!


Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 08.51.18

Off the slopes students enjoyed free time to rest and hang out with each other. They played pool, goofed around, and just chilled after the long days of skiing.


Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 08.56.40


Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 11.30.06

Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 11.37.23

On Friday, the group made their way back from the mountains and back to Madrid. The trip was a super success and everyone had a blast!

Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 11.40.41


Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 11.34.00


Jueves, 08 Febrero 2018 11:19


Screen Shot 2018 02 08 at 09.41.46


   Screen Shot 2018 02 08 at 10.02.58

Screen Shot 2018 02 08 at 12.16.26

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Ryan Matheny from the American Embassy to come and give a cultural talk at our school. This is the 5th year in a row we have been fortunate enough to host these visits.

For this year’s talk, we´ve gone on a tour of Washington D.C. We got to see all kinds of famous buildings, museums, and monuments including the National Mall, the White House, and National Air and Space Museum. As we visited these places, Ryan gave us a brief lesson on American history and government. Afterwards, he took us all around the States so we could see just how unique each area was.

Screen Shot 2018 02 08 at 12.13.54


It was fascinating to be visually guided through such a large country and to see how its history and culture have been influenced by other countries, including Spain!

Thanks again to the U.S. Embassy for stopping by! We always love listening to your chats and learning more about your country and its culture!



Jueves, 14 Diciembre 2017 10:08



  Lights! Camera! Action! We´re excited to announce that for our 2nd term project in 2nd eso, students will become producers, directors, and actors by recreating a scene from a movie of their choice.

This will be an excellent opportunity for students to show off their creativity and acting skills using English as a foreign language. We´re looking forward to seeing some show- stopping performances!




Jueves, 14 Diciembre 2017 08:03


And just like that, we´re on to the second term! We´ve just introduced our latest project, in which students will have to prepare a campaign about bullying.

We think this will be a very useful experience for the student body as well as the staff so that they can know how to handle it if they ever find themselves in that situation, whether as a victim or witness. We´re anxious to see what students come up with!




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