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Beatriz Ballesteros

Beatriz Ballesteros

Lunes, 23 Enero 2017 19:23

1st Term of Technology 3º ESO


We are back from the long break of Christmas holidays and students of 3ªESO are happy to share with you all the things that have happened in Technology class from the beginning of the scholar year.

During the whole year we are going to be immersed in the Maker Movement and solve real life problems. We think that learning by doing things with our hands is fun, even more when we can use new technology tools. That is why we combine theory lessons with practice lessons at the Computer’s Lab and the Technology Workshop.

Our first task was "The marshmallow challenge". While we were trying to build a freestanding structure, with some specific materials and time constrains, we learnt about the importance of planning and teamwork.

foto1   foto2

We have practiced content curation and we have created a list of resources related to the Maker Movement that we are going to use during the year.

Also we have learnt about Project Planning, working on a project called "Dare to dream your class".  The project has covered the generation of an idea, the design of an object, its construction and the public presentation of the object where students enjoyed creating a commercial.  

These are some of the first ideas:




Padlet 1

Padlet 2

During the development of the design we have understood that is necessary to draw an object using common rules that everybody can understand so we have learnt orthographic projection.  These are some drawings of the design process:

foto5                foto6

 And here you can see some of the final results and some group commercials:

foto7   foto8


At the end of the term we have introduced the second term project in which we are going to use the 3D printer which the school has bought.


Are you excited to know what we'll make with it? Don't miss our next post! We'll show it to you!!




Domingo, 08 Enero 2017 18:19

1st Term of Technology 2º ESO


The 1st Term is over and the students of 2ºESO want to share with you all the things we have being doing since school started in our Technology class.

We combine theory lessons in the common classroom with practice lessons in the Computer’s Lab.

We started learning the basics of Computer Science and about the structure of a computer. In the practice lessons we work in pairs and we have learnt how to use different Web 2.0 tools such as: Google Drive, Canva, Google Docs, Coogle…

These are some of the projects we have been working on during these past months:

1-      We investigated about different inventors and its inventions related with Computer Science. We used that information and some pictures to create a Google Doc in which we included a brief biography about the inventor, a description of the invention and the relationship of that invention with a technology that we use nowadays. Here you can check the work of one of our students as an example:

Charles Babbage - Mechanical Computer

2-     We learnt how to create a mind map using the tool Coogle. We made a mind map about the parts of a computer to understand and help us remember wht we were learning in the theory lessons. Here you can check the work of one of our students:


3-     We started an eTwinning project with a school in Poland. For those who doesn’t know, eTwinning is a platform where schools from different countries in Europe can participate and work together in educational projects. Our project is related to the topic “mystery” that the students have been working as well in English class. It is a project we will work on it through the whole school year. We will do different small activities every month. First, we created our profiles on the platform and read the profiles of the Polish students. Later, like Christmas was getting close, we created Christmas cards to send them to our Polish friends. We will tell you more about the next steps in the project in the next post! Here you can check one of the cards our students made:



We hope you enjoyed reading about our projects and activities in class!


Miércoles, 11 Mayo 2016 20:03

Technology Projects 2


 Hello from the Technology class!

These past few months have been very busy in the computer lab for the students. We have been continuing our hands-on learning through the use of several different programs and websites. To say these students have mastered it would be an understatement! In total, we have completed five different practices which have used five different learning tools. 

PhotoGrid 1462994357492

In cooperation with the English classes, we have joined the forces to do a project on the computer about friendship in which students have gathered information about a classmate and made an online "poster". Not only have the students learned how to use the accompanying website, they have also learned the legality and rights of using images on the internet. 
To further their knowledge of information technology and the course itself, students completed a project in which they created an online timeline of technological events. Through extensive research and brainstorming, students put together this timeline with their partner to organize the historical events. Once they knew the importance of what they were learning, they searched for and organized information about the next unit in an online presentation. To complete the task, they were asked to be the teachers (in pairs)  and taught their classmates the necesssary information for the upcoming exam! They were naturals in the teacher role! Some of them even went to 6th of Primary to show their presentations to other students!
IMG 1437
It has been very useful to combine our knowledge and skills in the computer lab with what is being learned in other classes as well, specifically with our language class. Using a different program online, students created an online poster about famous, historical terror stories in literature. Incorportating images, information and graphics, the posters were both attractive and informative for someone who may want some basic knowledge about what they are reading!
To wrap it all up, each student has created a blog. We wanted the students to have the opportunity to share with you what they are doing in class and keep all of their projects in one spot for future reference! The blog has given them the opportunity to review the importance of each project, what they have learned, and also give us feedback about future activities and preferences in the classroom. The blog is the voice of these students in the technology class! We hope that you will have the opportunity to have a look at their hard work and what they are doing with us in class-check out these blogs!
You can check them out here:
Teresa C.                      Alfonso V.                Javier B.                        Diego S.
Daniel S.                       Mar
Sábado, 14 Noviembre 2015 15:13

Project "The Inventions" Technology 4º ESO

The students from Technology 4º ESO have been working in a project called "The Inventions". This project is part of the 1st Term English Projects that all the teachers in our subjects are working on in collaboration with the English Department. 

They had to research about one invention and create a video sharing that information. They also had to design a picture of the invention. 

In class, we played a game called "The mistery of the invention". The students had to guess the orden in which all the inventions had been created and ordering them in a timeline. 

Using the pictures they designed, we created "trigger images" in the Aurasma App. We used those images as triggers for Augmented Reality. Here you have a Presentation where you can find all the information about the project and how to use Aurasma to see their videos and images in Augmented Reality: 

Power Point The Inventions


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