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Jueves, 19 Enero 2017 16:21

2nd Term English Project ( ESO)

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Dear parents and students,


It's been a few weeks since our last post, but January has come and gone in a flash!

The first few weeks back from Christmas break are full of new projects and lots of new plans for the upcoming term. We are tackling a lot of new topics and we are very excited to share with you!

We will be doing a project about friendship in 2nd/4th ESO where we will be creating a friendship journal with a class partner. We want you to get to know one of your peers and build new friendships. We will be playing some new games to learn some new vocabulary about friendships and relationships too!

captura friendship buena

                                                                                                DEADLINE 2nd of ESO: February 28th

                                                                                                DEADLINE 4th of ESO: March 3rd 

In 1st/3rd ESO we are investigating schools around the world. How does Spain compare in education to the rest of the world? What do international schools look like and function like? 


blog school 3


We are looking forward to the activities we have planned for this semester. Like always, we will be incorporating a lot of hands-on projects in the classroom and using a lot of classes to take advantage of speaking in English with our native language assistants.

As February is coming, let's buckle down and continue to work hard. Before we know, we will be celebrating Easter Break!


Thanks for your enthusiasm in class and cooperation with the English department! We appreciate you!


                                                                                           The English Department

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